Viktor Pivovarov archive

Viktor Pivovarov is an artist, illustrator, writer, and art theorist, one the founders of Moscow Conceptualism. While working on his exhibition The Snail’s Trail, which was shown at Garage in 2016, Pivovarov donated to the Museum several boxes of rare documents. These include the manuscript of his novel Agent in Love (published by Garage in 2016), his correspondence with Olga Serebryanaya, notes for the albums Kabakov and Pivovarov and Dramatis Personae, letters, handmade book dummies, illustrations, samizdat publications, and exhibition plans. A section of the archive focuses on poets Igor Kholin and Genrikh Sapgir. A close friend of both, Pivovarov has preserved many of their typescripts with inscriptions by the authors. These documents were shown at Garage’s exhibition Kholin and Sapgir. Manuscript in summer 2017. Offering insight into Pivovarov’s artistic life, the archive also allows researchers to trace his interactions and collaborations with his contemporaries.

Viktor Pivovarov (b. 1937, Moscow) studied at Kalinin Moscow College of Art and Industry and Moscow Polygraphic Institute. A representative of Soviet nonconformism and one of the founders of Moscow Conceptualism, he illustrated several cult books of the late Soviet period, including Ole Lukøje and The Black Hen. In the early 1980s, he emigrated to Prague, were he lives and works. His works are exhibited around the world, including in Russia.

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Viktor Pivovarov archive
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