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The Olga Danilkina archive contains over 13,000 photographs of contemporary art exhibitions, performances, presentations, and awards from 2009 to 2017.

It includes documentation of exhibitions at Moscow’s key cultural spaces, such as Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Ekaterina Foundation, the State Tretyakov Gallery, ARTPLAY Design Center, Fabrika Center for Creative Industries, Multimedia Art Museum, Museum of Architecture, Central House of Artists, Museum of Moscow, and Stella Art Foundation. Danilkina also documented exhibitions at galleries such as Regina, XL, Aidan, Proun, Paperworks, pop/off/art, GMG, Iragui, Krokin, and Guelman, as well as the Art Moscow fair. Exhibitions documented include Russian Lettrism (Central House of Artists), Hurray! Sculpture! (Winzavod CCA), the Kandinsky Prize and Brewhouse Art Prize exhibitions, and retrospective exhibitions of Leonid Sokov, Yuri Albert, Mikhail Grobman, Boris Orlov, Igor Shelkovsky, Dmitry Prigov, and Pasha 183.

An important part of the archive are photographs of events focused on Moscow artists of the younger generation: exhibitions at Start Space for Young Art (Winzavod CCA), shows by BAZA Institute students, and events at the self-organized spaces Elektrozavod, Krasny, and Varochny Tsekh in Mytishi.

The archive contains documents related to a number of important events in St. Petersburg: the exhibition The Life of the Remarkable Monroe at the New Museum, shows at Erarta and Namegallery, the parallel program of Manifesta 10 (2014), and several events in Divnogorye (Voronezh Oblast) and Istra.

The archive also contains documentation of exhibitions of international artists in Moscow (Atelier Van Lieshout. Slave City-Cradle to Cradle (Winzavod CCA), Double Vision: Contemporary Art from Japan (Moscow Museum of Modern Art), The Paths of German Art from 1949 to the Present (Moscow Museum of Modern Art), Chiharu Shiota (Moscow Manege), as well as of the 14th Istanbul Biennial (2015) and documenta 14 (Athens, 2017)).

About the founder

Olga Danilkina (b. 1989, Moscow) studied Communication Management at Moscow State University. Since 2009 she has been writing overviews and reviews on contemporary art, including for The Art Newspaper Russia, ArtChronika, Huligan, The Village, Colta.ru, and The Calvert Journal. From 2011 to 2013 she was assistant director at BAZA Institute and from 2013 to 2015 worked in the Research Department at Moscow Museum of Modern Art. In 2013 she became an editor and in 2016 an organizer for Aroundart.org. In 2019 she became a health coach. She lives and works in Moscow.

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