Centre for Culture CC19

CC19 Center for Culture is a contemporary art institution in Novosibirsk, founded in 2019 on the site of the former City Center of Visual Arts. CC19 reflects on the cultural processes of the present in dialogue with the public and local communities through its exhibition, educational, and musical programs. Through its curatorial projects, CC19 invites the audience to see art as part of social relations and to think of exhibitions as a place for dialogue where new ideas can be born. CC19 seeks to work with the Siberian art scene and in partnership with Russian and international organizations to “ground” art in the local context.

In the initial period since CC19 was reformed, it has organized a number of projects that were significant for Siberia and the all-Russian context, including Siberian Ironic Conceptualism [sic], Six Feet closer to the Museum. Why is Monstration Like That?, and Routine Extracted, all of which questioned the myth of regional identity. CC19 also runs public programs outside the context of exhibitions: the reading group Parsing Dilettantes and a series of audio sessions called Echolocation build communities of art lovers.

In 2020 CC19 and its partners received Russia’s Innovation Prize for Best Regional Project for the festival 48 Hours of Novosibirsk. This decentralized festival promotes artistic self-organization and brings together a multitude of statements about art and society.