The RAAN project was made possible thanks to the invaluable support of partners in the acquisition of new materials and the organization of proper storage and conservation facilities. Cooperation with major individual and corporate donors has allowed Garage to expand the project’s research program, support a number of important research initiatives, and contribute to the promotion of contemporary art in Russia and of Russian contemporary art abroad.

Garage Archive Collection expands on a daily basis with the addition of new documents, many of which are acquired with the support of Garage Education Patron, Alisher Usmanov’s Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.

Partnership with the Foundation has enabled Garage to acquire some of the key archives in its collection, including the video archive of Vadim Zakharov, the photographic archives of Igor Makarevich and Yuri Palmin, the archives of Sergey Chubraev and Factory of Found Clothes, and the Art Activism Archive, all of which are essential in creating a clearer picture of the history of Russian contemporary art.

The Museum’s partnership with Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation is a good example of a horizontal connection created between an art institution and an art patron to work on socially important projects and foster positive social change.

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Education Patron

With help from Panasonic, Garage became the world’s first museum to store its archival materials on optical discs with freeze-ray™ technology.

Using the optical data archiving system for the Russian Art Archives Network project will ensure the safe storage of Garage’s unique contemporary art archive: freeze-ray™ technology eliminates the possibility of deleting or rewriting information and offers the best ratio of erroneous bits in the industry (1.3 × 10−21). Resisting the effects of humidity, temperature, and mechanical degradation, freeze-ray™ system ensures the safe storage of data for over fifty years. In addition, the use of freeze-ray™ enables the reduction of CO2 emissions by eliminating the need for a constant power supply and air conditioning at the vault.

In 2018, Garage will continue to move towards more environmentally conscious consumption. By the end of the year, the Museum is planning to get part of its energy from renewable sources by installing Panasonic solar panels on its rooftop.

Technical partner